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Holly Area Schools Personnel Directory
Building Main Lines:
ááááá Karl Richter Campus / Administration ááá á á á 248.328.3100áááá á áá Fax 248.328.3145 ááááááá
ááááá Holly High School ááá á á á 248.328.3200áááá á áá Fax 248.328.3211á
ááááá Holly Middle School á á á á á 248.328.3400 á á áá á Fax 248.328.3404 áááááá
ááááá Davisburg Elementary á á á á á 248.328.3500ááá á á á Fax 248.328.3504
ááááá Holly Elementary áá á á áá 248.328.3600áá á á áá Fax 248.328.3604
ááááá Patterson Elementary á á á á á 248.328.3700áááá á áá Fax 248.328.3704
ááááá Rose Pioneer Elementary á á á á á 248.328.3800 á á á áá Fax 248.328.3804 áá
ááááá Food Service Department áá á á áá 248.328.3033 á á áá á Fax 248.328.3034á
ááááá Transportation Department áá á á áá 248.328.3090 á á áá á Fax 248.328.3097 áááá

Extensions beginning with a five (5) are internal numbers.á To reach these extensions, please dial the main line for the corresponding building.á Extensions beginning with a three (3) can be reached by dialing the prefix of 248.328. ####

You can reach voicemail for all staff members by dialing 248.328.3100 and entering the extension listed below.
Last Name First Name Building Email Address Job Title Extension
A á á á á á
Aldrich Angela KRC Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Alexander Shawn High School Teacher-online 5211
Allen Jenelle Davisburg Teacher 5550
Alvarado Wendy KRC Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Aman Joshua Holly El Long Term Sub - Woodzell 5649
Anderson Jennifer Holly El Speech & Language Pathologist 5623
Aska-Wilson Melissa High School Teacher 5283
Assenmacher Amy District Occupational Therapist 3175
Augustine Heather Holly El n/a Childcare 3022
B á á á á á
Baker Mary High School Teacher 5265
Baker Myong Patterson n/a Childcare 3700
Baker Scott High School Teacher 5315
Baldwin Benjamin High School Teacher 5332
Baldwin Benjamin Middle School Teacher 5471
Bammerlin Toni Rose Pioneer n/a Food Service 3800
Barth Jason High School Teacher 5223
Barth Miranda High School Teacher 5277
Bartlett Debra Holly El Administrative Assistant 3601
Bauer Lorraine Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Beardsley Susan Holly El GSRP/Headstart 3619
Beattie Michael Rose Pioneer Principal 3803
Beebe Elizabeth High School Secretary 3226
Beebe Kevin Transportation Assistant Mechanic 3090
Belisle Andrea High School Teacher 5314
Bentley Cynthia High School Secretary 3225
Bertram Jean Holly El Teacher 5630
Bertram Jean Patterson Teacher 3083
Bezemek Beth Holly Middle Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Bicknell Karen High School Teacher 5325
Bidwell Kelly Davisburg n/a Childcare 3500
Bishop Todd District Maintenance 3613
Blair Linda BOE BOE n/a
Bladzik Amanda BOE Amanda.Bladzik@hask12org BOE n/a
Bland Jennifer Davisburg/Holly El n/a Childcare 3615
Boman Audrey Holly El Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Beth Booher Patterson Longterm Y5's teacher 3700
Borucki Kathryn Patterson Teacher 5740
Bovee Paula Davisburg n/a Childcare 3500
Brancheau Michelle Administration Network Administrator 3215
Brewer Stephanie High School Food Service 3207
Briggs Naomi Holly Middle Teacher 5443
Brinker Richard Davisburg Teacher 5639
Brinker Richard Rose Pioneer Teacher 5840
Brown Kali Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Brown Kristie Rose Pioneer Teacher 5839
Brown Sheila Holly El Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Bryant-Ott Paul Holly Middle Teacher 5411
Buchler Stacie Transportation Bus Attendant 3090
Bunner Marti Holly El GSRP/Headstart 3618
Burgess Patricia Holly Middle Secretary 3408
Burns Constance Holly Middle Teacher 5488
Burns Lindsay Davisburg GSRP Teacher 3527
Buttrey Denise Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
C á á á á á
Campbell Lena KRC Social Worker 3080
Camper Doug Rose Pioneer Teacher 5851
Cantarella Teresa Rose Pioneer Teacher 5844
Carlson Elizabeth Davisburg Teacher 5509
Carlson Elizabeth Rose Pioneer Teacher 5846
Carson Darlene Davisburg Teacher 5558
Carson Darlene Rose Pioneer Teacher 5823
Cartner Lisa KRC Teacher 3176
Catalina Andrea High School Teacher 5284
Cerano Kimberly Middle School Teacher 5476
Chambers Eric High School Teacher 3335
Chambers Erin Holly El Social Worker 5656
Chambers Erin High School Social Worker 3084
Chambers Jennifer Holly El Teacher 5651
Childress Jacqueline Holly El Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Church Jacqueline Patterson Teacher 5742
Claussen Christine High School Teacher 5278
Clemons Lisa Holly Middle Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Clink Laurie Holly El Teacher 5654
Coggins Anthony High School Teacher 5321
Confer Leslie Rose Pioneer Teacher 5834
Connell Kristine Holly El GSRP/Headstart 3617
Cook Joann Davisburg Childcare Coordinator 3515
Cook Rebecca High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Cooley Cynthia Holly El Teacher 5652
Cornwell Polly Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Corsaut Emily Davisburg Teacher 5538
Courtney Dorothy Rose Pioneer Teacher 5836
Creasey John High School Teacher 5294
Creasey Stephanie Davisburg Teacher 5528
Crimmins Christine Holly El Teacher 5632
Crimmins Elizabeth Administration Human Resources 3141
Crowder Deborah Patterson Teacher 5745
Csizmadia Lisa Holly Middle Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Culloty Ryan High School Teacher 5310
Cummings Renee Davisburg Teacher 5536
Cunningham Lisa Davisburg Childcare 3525
Curl Eric Middle School Principal 3403
Curl Mackenzie Holly Middle Teacher 5463
D á á á á á
Dannecker Deirdre Patterson Teacher 5746
Davis-Collyer Catherine Holly Middle Administrative Assistant 3401
Davison Patricia Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Davison Thomas Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Dawson Cathy Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Day Haley Patterson Teacher 5727
Deahl Peter BOE BOE n/a
Dejonge Kassie Davisburg Social Worker 5532
Dejonge Kassie Patterson Social Worker 5724
Demott Mary Holly Middle Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Desana Ryan Holly El Principal 3603
Devries Karrie Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Devroy Maureen KRC Parent Involvement Coordinator 3019
Dewitt Kelly Holly El Teacher 5633
Dietrich Susan High School Teacher 5301
Dively Aaron Rose Pioneer n/a Custodian 3806
Dively Valerie Rose Pioneer n/a Custodian 3806
Doebel Jennifer Patterson Teacher 5749
Dolloff Mary Patterson Teacher 5729
Donnellon Michael High School Teacher 5270
Doshen Lorena Transportation Bus Attendant 3090
Dotson Angela Davisburg Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
Dowling Nancy Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Dunikowski Susan Davisburg n/a GSRP/Headstart 3500
Dzendzel-Freeman Kristine Patterson GSRP 3026
E á á á á á
Edwards Tonya Rose Pioneer GSRP/Headstart 3810
Elliott Michelle Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3204
Elya Denise High School Teacher 5247
Engberg Patricia Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Eubanks Lisa Davisburg GSRP/Headstart 3500
F á á á á á
Fedchenko Gregory High School Teacher 5298
Feres Regina Davisburg (Tues & Thurs p.m.) Childcare 3500
Feres Regina Holly El Childcare 3615
Ferguson Jennifer Davisburg Teacher 5547
Ferguson Karyn High School Teacher 5302
Festian Nicole High School Counselor 3231
Fettig Jennifer High School Assistant Principal 3218
Fischer Ann Administration Central Enrollment/Accts. Payable 3106
Flewelling Jennifer Rose Pioneer Teacher 3800
Fons Jennifer District OT 3170
Forthoffer Rebecca High School Teacher 5267
Fromm Melissa High School Teacher 5269
Fry Karissa Davisburg Teacher 5557
Fuller Amy Davisburg Teacher 5545
G á á á á á
Gabany Kristen Patterson GSRP 3026
Galligan Michael High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Gargaro Kerry High School Teacher 5268
Giehtbrock Dianne Davisburg Teacher 5521
Gill Crystal High School Teacher 5288
Gillespie Ryan Holly Middle Teacher 5445
Gilmore Linda Transportation Asst. Transportation Supervisor 3093
Giroux Jeanette Patterson Childcare 3700
Glass Kimberly Patterson Preschool Teacher 3715
Godin Rebecca District Teacher 3188
Godoshian Kristin Holly Middle Counselor 3429
Goett Emma High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Goings Jennifer Patterson Teacher 5750
Golden Lynne Holly Middle Speech & Language Pathologist 5481
Goodall Robert Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Goodman Diane Davisburg n/a Noon supervisor 3500
Goodvich Carol Patterson Administrative Assistant 3701
Gragg Charles High School Online Coordinator 5259
Graham Janice Patterson Teacher 5717
Graham Victoria Holly Middle Teacher 5454
Graves Zachary Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Grugel Sharon Holly El n/a Food Service 3600
H á á á á á
Hacker Brian High School Teacher 5299
Hacker Brian Middle School Teacher 5473
Hall David High School Teacher 5322
Hamilton Barbara High School n/a Food Service 3207
Haney Mary Middle School Teacher 5429
Hanlin Linda District Occupational Therapist 3170
Hard Renee High School Teacher 5306
Hare Ceanne Davisburg Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
Harkins Christopher KRC Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Harris Marcy High School Teacher 5320
Harrison Vicky High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Haverkate Michelle High School Long Term Sub - Baran 3200
Hauxwell Tonya Patterson GSRP/Headstart 3700
Hayden Deanna KRC Teacher 3177
Heaton Casey Davisburg GSRP/Headstart 3500
Held Libby High School Teacher 5295
Henski. Linda Middle School n/a Noon supervisor 3200
Highfield Aimee Rose Pioneerá Teacher 5817
Highfield Kathryn Administration Curriculum and Staff Development 3136
Hill Lisa High School Secretary 3213
Hiller Donnette Davisburg n/a Noon supervisor 3500
Hodgins Ryan District Maintenance 3163
Holek Tricia Holly Middle Teacher 5448
Hollopeter Catherine High School Teacher 5256
Houck Michael High School Police Liaison 3219
Houldsworth Deanna High School Teacher 5261
Howe Jannie Davisburg Administrative Assistant 3501
Hubbard Rachael Holly Middle Teacher 5472
Hubler Janet High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Hughes AmyJo Holly Middle Teacher 5427
Hughes Daniel Holly Middle Teacher 5414
Humphrey Sheri High School Teacher 5318
Hutchins Joseph Patterson Teacher 5728
J á á á á á
Jarrett Brenda Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Jensen Alice KRC Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Jensen Tracey Holly Middle Teacher 5450
Johnson Andrea Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Johnson Sally Administration Benefits 3111
Johnstone-Ortman Shawn Holly El Teacher 5648
K á á á á á
Kahn Lori Administration Executive Assistant/State Reporting 3147
Kahn Stephanie District Teacher 5617
Kammerer Kim High School Educational Liaison 5336
Keener Renee Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Kenwell Deborah Holly Middle Teacher 5461
Kessler Kathleen High School n/a Food Service 3207
Kimmel Jessica Administration Facility Director 3163
King Christine Patterson Teacher 5753
Kinnamon Jane Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Kittle Jennifer Rose Pioneer Teacher 5845
Klein Jennifer Patterson n/a Food Service 3700
Klempp Jennifer Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Klempp Nicholas KRC Community Coalition 3135
Knauft Tracy High School Teacher 5334
Knight Joanne Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Koen Lorabell Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Kohler Julia Holly El PreSchool 3022
Kotalik Ann High School Healthcare/Para Educator 5261
Kott Denise Davisburg Principal 3503
Kraemer Margaret Patterson Principal 3703
Krause Charlotte Administration Special Services 3170
Kraut Wendy Holly El Teacher 5626
Kreger Lori High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Kuciemba Sarah Middle School Teacher 5424
L á á á á á
LaBadie Kari KRC Receptionist 3107
LaBrecque Ranae Davisburg Teacher 5546
Ladd Jennifer Holly El Teacher 5615
LaFrance Corbett Athletics Trainer 3247
Lamb Stacey Rose Pioneer Secretary 3813
Lamberti Joshua High School Teacher 5313
LaMothe Kathleen Middle School Teacher 5430
Landwerlen Melissa Middle School n/a Noon supervisor 3400
Larson Suzanne Davisburg Teacher 5527
Lavigne June Patterson n/a Preschool Assistant Teacher 3700
Lawrence Molly Patterson Teacher 5741
Layman Amber Rose Pioneer GSRP/Headstart 3800
Legant Laura Rose Pioneer Teacher 5838
Leist Pamela Middle School Teacher 5413
Lemiere-Bozynski Steven KRC Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Lemmons Lachelle High School Teacher 5317
Lenar Steven Business Assistant Superintendent 3151
Lesperance Dallas High School Athletic Secretary 3247
Liley Susan KRC Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Lindsay Derek High School Assistant Principal 3217
Link Katie Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Lofiego Peter High School Principal 3203
Lombard Casey High School Teacher 5258
Loria Marc Middle School Teacher 5453
Lotridge Lisa Patterson n/a Noon supervisor 3700
Lounds Ellen Administration Special Services Director 3073
Luebeck Melinda Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Luna Rodney Transportation Bus Attendant 3090
Lusk Nicole High School Counselor 3232
M á á á á á
Maas Stephanie Rose Pioneer Preschool Teacher 3815
Manning Sarah Davisburg Teacher 5853
Manning Sarah Rose Pioneer Teacher 5853
Mansour Alexandra Patterson Title 1 support Teacher á
Marchbanks Alison Holly El Teacher 5636
Marchbanks Alison Davisburg Teacher 5636
Marion Kathy Patterson Teacher 5744
Martin Kathleen Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Martin Lindsey High School Teacher 5331
Martin Lindsey Middle School Teacher 5416
Martin Melanie Davisburg Teacher 5551
Mason Jeremy District Building Engineer 3163
Mathews Ryan High School Online/Career 3200
Mattingly Mark Middle School Counselor 3407
Maynard Gregory High School Online Monitor 5257
Mayo Emily Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
McCreedy Joshua High School Teacher 5250
McCullough(Diehl) Melanie High School n/a Food Service 3207
McDonald Amy District Physical Therapist 5625
McDowell Sara Patterson Teacher 5734
McKinnon Mark Transportation Head Mechanic 3090
McLaughlin Jason Holly El Teacher 5639
McLaughlin Jason Patterson Teacher 5714
McMillan Kelly Holly El GSRP/Headstart 3600
McMullen Hilarie BOE BOE n/a
McNeely Paul High School Teacher 5286
Meade Margaret Rose Pioneer Teacher 5858
Miller Colleen Holly El Teacher 5614
Miller Joseph Rose Pioneer Teacher 5848
Miller Melissa Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Millhouse Michael High School Teacher 5282
Millis Marcia High School Food Service 3207
Milosevski Heather Holly El Teacher 5629
Mondoux Katelyn High School Teacher 5305
Mordue Pamela High School Teacher 3348
Muehl Linda Patterson n/a Childcare 3700
Muehl Linda Rose Pioneer n/a Childcare 3815
Murphy Heather High School Counselor 3230
Myers Jill Rose Pioneer Preschool Assistant Teacher 3815
Myers Shara Davisburg Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
N á á á á á
Nabaty Sarah High School Teacher 5309
Nester Cheryl Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Neuwirth Lesa Holly El Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Newingham Rachel Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Nuckolls Lisa Davisburg Healthcare/Para Educator 3500
Nuss David Administration Superintendent 3147
O á á á á á
O'Brien Elizabeth Patterson Teacher 5751
O'Connor Janice Rose Pioneer n/a Food Service 3800
Oldaugh Laura High School Secretary 3221
Oneil Marisa Patterson Teacher 5731
Ortiz Nicole Food Service Administrative Assistant 3036
Ostrom Windy Davisburg Secretary 3513
Owen MaryJo Middle School Teacher 5452
Owings Denise Transportation Bus Driver 3090
P á á á á á
Padilla Chrissandra Holly El GSRP/Headstart 3600
Palace Crystal High School Literacy Specialist 5266
Papple Susan KRC Community Coalition 3135
Parker Matthew High School Teacher 5289
Parker Tricia Davisburg n/a Food Service 3500
Parsons Laura Rose Pioneer Administrative Assistant 3801
Parsons Stacy Patterson/KRC Speech & Language Pathologist 5272
Parsons Stacy Patterson Speech & Language Pathologist 5752
Pattan Maurenne Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Pearson Brian High School Teacher 5311
Pecchio Jennifer Rose Pioneer Teacher 5852
Pepin Robert District Custodial Supervisor 3163
Perrine Edward Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Perrine Kariná Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Pierson Dana Holly El Teacher 5638
Pietka Dana Davisburg n/a Childcare 3500
Pinch Tracey Middle School Teacher 5451
Pinkley Pamela High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3200
Pintek Daniel Patterson Teacher 3700
Pintek Daniel Rose Pioneer Teacher 3800
Piotrowski Sarah Middle School Teacher 5484
Plaskon John Middle School Teacher 5421
Plewa Carol Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Ploch Dawn Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Pluta Donald High School Teacher 5326
Poll Julie High School n/a Food Service 3200
Postma Kelly Holly El Teacher 5640
Pouncy Monica Middle School Teacher 5438
Prechowski Catherine Rose Pioneer Speech & Language Pathologist 5825
Prechowski John Middle School Teacher 5457
Przybylski Mary Holly El Teacher 5655
Pudduck Colleen Patterson GSRP 3025
Pusey Sharon Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Putnam Megan Middle School n/a Food Service 3400
Q á á á á á
Quintanilla Flora District ESL coordinator á
R á á á á á
Rainey Jennifer Holly El GSRP/Headstart 3619
Rapin Michael High School Teacher 5255
Rarus Martha Middle School Teacher 5458
Raymoure Stephanie Patterson Teacher 5743
Reddig Laurie High School Educational Liaison 5336
Reed Debbie Davisburg n/a PreSchool 3516
Reed Doug Patterson n/a Custodian 3706
Reel Barb Holly El n/a Food Service 5607
Rees Robin District Nurse 3028
Reickel-McHalpine Leigh Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Reister Nicole Middle School Secretary 3413
Retka Karen Business Finance Manager 3153
Richmond Frank Transportation Transportation Supervisor 3095
Ricksgers Mary Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Riefe Renee Patterson Speech & Language Pathologist 5730
Rigsby Carla Holly El Latchkey Supervisor 3615
Riley Kevin Rose Pioneer Teacher 5829
Robb Mary Holly Middle Food Service 3400
Rodgers Terri Holly El n/a PreSchool Assistant Teacher 3023
Rood Sarah Holly El Preschool Teacher 3023
Roper Scott Administration Assistant Superintendent 3142
Rose Jennifer Holly El Teacher 5605
Roshchina-Heilig Irina District ELL 3170
Rupp Brooke Davisburg n/a PreSchool 3516
Russ Rebecca Holly El Teacher 5627
Russ Rebecca Patterson Teacher 5732
S á á á á á
Sagert Katherine Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Sanchez Diana High School Teacher 5212
Sanner Samantha Patterson Food Service 3700
Schaffer Sandra Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Schebil Joanne KRC Food Service Director 3033
Schimmeyer Ann Business Payroll 3152
Schreiber Amanda Rose Pioneer Healthcare/Para Educator 3800
Schwartz Aimee Davisburg Teacher 5525
Scruggs Wendy Middle School n/a Noon supervisor 3400
Shepherd Lesley Patterson Teacher 5716
Shepherd Michelle High School Administrative Assistant 3201
Silvey Jay Patterson Teacher 5737
Singer Pamela Holly El Teacher 5620
Smades Kathryn Holly El Teacher 5635
Smiertka Melissa Davisburg n/a Noon supervisor 3500
Smith Brian Middle School Teacher 5412
Smith Michele Middle School Food Service 3615
Smith Michele Holly El Childcare 3600
Smith Ryan Middle School Teacher 5459
Smith Stacey District n/a Food Service / Driver 3036
Snodsmith Jennifer Rose Pioneer Teacher 5856
Snodsmith Ryan Rose Pioneer Teacher 5842
Sophiea William High School Teacher 5300
Spitzer Leah Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Starick Becky High School Healthcare/Para Educator 3260
Steele Lorey Patterson GSRP/Headstart 3700
Stefanko Susan Middle School Teacher 5432
Steinmetz Judy Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Stermer Carolyn High School Teacher 5219
Stevens Erika Patterson Secretary 3713
Stockwell Dorothy Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Stottlemyer Tamara Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Street Haley Middle School Assistant Principal 3406
Strong Julianne Davisburg Teacher 5506
Summers Barb Rose Pioneer n/a Noon supervisor 3800
Swalwell Andrea Davisburg GSRP/Headstart 3024
Swartz Mary (Jentien) Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Sweany Dyan Patterson n/a Noon supervisor 3700
Swiderski Kaitlyn High School Teacher 5323
Szewc Marie Davisburg n/a PreSchool 3516
T á á á á á
Taylor Janine Davisburg Physical Therapist 3500
Teague Devin High School n/a Food Service 3207
Teffer Jill Patterson Teacher 5735
Terpening Timothy Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Tessens Cheryl Patterson Healthcare/Para Educator 3700
Thomas Betty Patterson GSRP/Headstart 3720
Thompson Jaclyn Patterson Title 1 3700
Tillier Sandra Holly El Healthcare/Para Educator 3600
Tiltman Jill Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Tomlinson Lisa High School Teacher 5304
Tripp Bailey Davisburg Teacher 5525
Turcott Sharon High School Food Service 3207
Turner Monica Middle School Teacher 5475
Turner Patrice Davisburg n/a Food Service 3500
V á á á á á
VanCamp Rosie Patterson n/a Noon supervisor 3700
Vankuiken Deborah High School Athletic Director 3243
Vanscoyoc Shari Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
VanSickle Shasta Middle School n/a Food Service 3400
Volkman Beverly Middle School Teacher 5456
W á á á á á
Walters Joseph Middle School Teacher 5428
Weber Constance Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Wehri Katherine Davisburg Teacher 5549
Weimer Melissa Rose Pioneer Teacher 5849
Weisdorfer Matthew Middle School Teacher 5449
Wheatley Kenneth Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Whitman Megan Middle School Teacher 5423
Widdis Christine Rose Pioneer Teacher 5841
Williams Danyelle KRC Healthcare/Para Educator 3170
Williamson Tracy District Psychologist 3711
Willoughby Jodi Holly El Secretary 3613
Winglemire Audrey KRC Head Start Coordinator 3027
Wissmueller Lisa Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Wolcott Angela District Occupational Therapist 3170
Woodzell Carolyn Holly El Teacher 5649
Y á á á á á
Yaldo Lina Middle School Teacher 5462
Young Patricia Middle School Healthcare/Para Educator 3400
Z á á á á á
Zile Andra Transportation Bus Driver 3090
Zorn Charlene High School Teacher 5262

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